Request & Confession Prayers


  1. Please – EASY A prayer asking for needs and desires.
  1.  I’m Sad –EASY A prayer asking God for help when you are sad, lonely, disappointed, feeling misunderstood or left out.
  1. Help! – I’m in Trouble –EASYA prayer requesting God’s help when in trouble.
  1. I’m Afraid – EASY A prayer requesting God’s  protection when afraid.
  1. Heal Me Please – EASY A prayer asking God to heal sickness or injuries (such as skinned knees and bug bites to major illnesses).
  1. Let’s Go, God – EASY A prayer asking God to guide and protect you/us on a short or long trip.
  1. I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me –EASYA prayer confessing hurtful words, cruel actions, or mean thoughts and asking for God’s forgiveness.
  1. I’m Hurting EASY A prayer sharing sorrow and grief from losing someone or something important. This includes a “small” loss such as a lost pet, a stolen bike, a friend moving away or a “large” loss due to death or divorce.
  1. What Should I Do? –NEXT STEPA prayer asking for help resisting bad thoughts and actions, (temptations) and the wisdom to make good choices.
  1. Choosing Friends –NEXT STEP A prayer asking God to help you choose friends wisely.
  1. Strength, Please – NEXT STEP A prayer  asking for strength and courage when facing a problem.
  1. Let’s Do It – EASYA prayer talking with God about a new activity or project.
  1. I Failed –NEXT STEP – A prayer sharing sadness and discouragement due to a large or small failure.
  1. Why Do Bad Things Happen? – GOING DEEPER – A prayer expressing hurt or anger about something bad that happened and questions about why it occurred.