Prayer-Time Introduction


Prayers from the Heart is a revolutionary guide for teaching your child to pray from his/her heart.

Prayers from the Heart contains 41 bibilically-based prayer-times that can be used over and over again in different situations through out your child’s life.

These 3-4 minutes interactive prayers provide parents, Sunday school teachers, and children’s pastors quick, easy-to-use tools to help children/preteens (ages 3-11) get in touch with their thoughts and their feelings before being asked to share their uniquely personal prayers with God. In addition, this method offers parents an easy way to pass on their religious beliefs and values. These interactions are particularly important since it is known that today’s families spend less quality time together than 40 years ago.

Prayers from the Heart is based on the result of six decades of research on accessing child/preteen’s thoughts and designing ways to help them express themselves. Begun twenty-five years ago, the prayer topics, interactive questions, and Bible Nuggets have been refined based on the use with children/preteens and parents of Protestant, Evangelical, Baptist, Lutheran, Catholic, and the other Christian faiths.

“Kid Tested – Parent Approved”

A companion Teacher’s Resource, Praying the Word, is available for Sunday School teachers and children’s pastors to accompany their Sunday School curriculum.