Parent Review


Prayer is a direct lifeline to God.  The prayers you’ll find in most children’s devotionals are cookie cutter prayers. They treat prayer as impersonal, one size fits all. Children and youth must be taught to pray prayers that relate to a specific situation they are currently dealing with. A child who learns at an early age, (3 – 12), how to actively and personally connect with God, will do so throughout his/her life.

“Prayers from the Heart” is based on the results of decades of research on opening children’s thoughts and designing ways to help children express themselves. The prayer times have been refined based on input from parents of all Christian faiths.

What is so great about Prayers from the Heart? Each book is packed full of wonderful prayer-times that help parents and teachers guide children to share their own feelings and thoughts with God. It is simple, easy to understand, and even easier to apply.

Using this format, parents and teachers can guide their children to focus their prayers on a current need. If children are praying for a specific concern, they will share deeper thoughts and emotions than they would by repeating a generic prayer created by an unknown adult.

Unlike traditional devotionals that you go from day 1, to day 2, to day 3 in succession, Prayers from the Heart is designed to be used based on your child’s needs.  For instance, if today the child is feeling sad, you can flip to the prayer – time dealing with sadness.  If tomorrow the child wants to give thanks, you can go to the prayer – time on giving thanks.

In short, I would strongly encourage Christian parents to get Prayers from the Heart. It is my belief that parents and teachers need to be doing everything we can to get our children on the right path to having a fulfilling and meaningful relationship with the Lord.  The Prayers from the Heart books are the right materials to help us do just that.

            Review by Rebekah Cain