Praying: Stages of Growth

If you would stop and pray aloud with your child when a situation occurs, your child would learn from the modeling. From your example a child would quickly learn to pray from their own heart when they find themselves in any situation. Unfortunately only 2% of Christian parents are comfortable doing this. The other 98% […]

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Teacher make a commitment to pray at least one prayer twice a month until the children get comfortable with this new brainstorming process. Keep the entire process brief (4 – 8 minutes). Taking time each week is more important than completing a prayer. Eventually your class’ attention span will lengthen.

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Christian Traits to Teach Kids

Which of these traits do you want your child to acquire? Select two traits you want to teach your child at this point in his/her life. Each time you pray, consider asking God for your child’s growth in these characteristics. As the child matures spiritually, thank God and choose new traits towards which to guide […]

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Support for Teachers

This Teacher’s Resource: Praying the Word is a resource designed to assist teachers in using Prayers from the Heart Books 1&2, to teach children to create their own prayers it includes additional supports for teachers: • Besides the six supports for parents, the seventh support is a letter “Getting Started for Teachers”. • The eight support […]

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Success in Teaching Children to Pray

Here is a revolutionary NEW method for teaching your children to pray from their hearts. We are NOT talking about another collection of children’s prayers for your students to say and memorize. We are NOT talking about a new devotional. Prayers From the Heart provides thought-provoking questions to unlock your child’s thoughts and feelings before sharing them […]

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