Letter to Teachers

Prayers for Children

Dear Sunday School Teacher,

Teachers Guide: Praying the Word is a resource designed to help teachers use Prayers from the Heart Books 1 & 2, to teach children to create their own prayers. Start as young as three years old or as old as twelve.

First, set aside a time in your regular Sunday School program to teach your students to pray. Make a commitment to pray at least one prayer twice a month until the children get comfortable with this new brainstorming process. As children share their ideas write them on a board or sheet of paper for all to see. This will help the children recall their ideas when its is time to pray.  Keep the entire process brief (4 – 8 minutes). Taking time each week is more important than completing a prayer. Eventually your class’ attention span will lengthen.

Next, select a prayer from Prayers from the Heart, Book 1 or Book 2. Choose a prayer that supports your theme for the day. You can use the table of content in the Prayers from the Heart Books 1 & 2 to find an prayer to support your topic. Often the prayer you choose will fit at the end of your lesson.

After you have chosen a prayer-time to go with your lesson, read the prayer-time ahead of time to get the main ideas. Later, when you lead your students to pray, put Prayers from the Heart in front of you and read as you go.  In a large or small group write brainstormed ideas (in brief form) on a board or chart to help children recall the ideas that were shared.