About the Author

For the first twenty years of her career, Dr. Sunflower taught elementary and special education students in both public and private schools. After that, she has provided instruction for prospective elementary, middle school and early childhood teachers at the University of Minnesota: Moorhead, Oklahoma State University, Oral Roberts University, and Northeastern State University for twenty five years. She has taught Language Arts workshops all over the United States for classroom teachers and parents. Since retirement Dr. Sunflower has been active in international child and youth prayer ministries.

Dr. Sunflower’s expertise is helping children express their thoughts and feelings.  She has authored four very popular resource books for teachers that help children capture their thoughts. These resources have proved to be highly effective in getting children to compose their thoughts. These innovative resources are being used in 63 countries.

Some of the other books authored by Dr. Sunflower include:
Really Writing  – J. Wiley Publishers 
Real-Life Writing for Young Authors – Prentice Hall Direct 
Really Writing – Simon and Schuster
75 Creative Publishing Ideas – Scholastic Professional Books

God called Cherlyn to use the same research-based methods for getting children to compose and share their thoughts and feelings with God, their Father. This innovative method has proven extremely effective in equipping children to face life’s challenges by building a strong prayer life.

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