Letter To Parent

Dear Parent,

The first step is to set aside a regular time each day. Choose a quiet place. Start by making a commitment to pray at least one prayer a week with your child.

Next, select a simple prayer-time to teach your child using this NEW Brainstorming method. You are encouraged to start with a bedtime prayer as the child lay in bed at night, a mealtime prayer before you sit down to eat, or a morning prayer when you wake up your child. These easy prayers can be found in Daily and All Purpose Prayers in Book 1&2. Start as young as old as 3 to 12 years old.

Now skim the prayer ahead of time to get the main idea, then put Prayers from the Heart in front of you and read as you go.

  • 1. Begin by telling your child now is a good time to pray.
  • 2. When ready, discuss a Bible verse with your child.
  • 3. The Brainstorming Together step is next. Explain that the two of you are going to think about some things to share with God. Then ask one of the several questions that are provided. Remember to pause to let your child to think, then praise your child/preteen’s ideas.
  • 4.  Next, ask your child to share their thoughts with God. Start the prayer by asking your child to hold their hands in a prayer position. Ask your child how they want to greet God. You can suggest several greetings such as ” Hi God”,  “Almighty God”, “Dear God”, or another greeting. Be prepared for a very short, simple prayer. NOTE: At first you may have to pray a very short, simple prayer using the child’s ideas.
  • 5.  Finally, reassure your child that God heard his or her prayer.

Get started now. Find one of the easy prayers. Pray this prayer with your child.
Keep the entire prayer-time brief (2-4 minutes). Taking time each day is more important than completing a prayer. Eventually your child’s attention span will lengthen and you will become more comfortable with this new method of teaching your child to pray.