Daily Prayers

washinghair1. Good Morning God – EASYA prayer thanking God for a new day and asking Him to be with you throughout the day.

2. Bless Our Food – EASYA mealtime prayer thanking God for the food that is about to be eaten and for fellowship with family and/or friends.

3. Good Night God – EASY A prayer in talking with God about your day before going to sleep.

4. Anytime Prayer – NEXT STEP A prayer including many things like thanksgiving, requests, forgiving others & intercession.

5. Joys & Problems – NEXT STEPA prayer sharing your joys and problems with God.

6. P.R.A.Y. – NEXT STEPA prayer based on the letters in the word PRAY: Praise God, Repent, Ask for others needs, ask for Your needs.

7. Lord’s Prayer – GOING DEEPERThis is the prayer Jesus gave us as an example of how to pray. The goal is to make The Lord’s Prayer meaningful to your child.