Commitment & Reaching Out to Others


  1. I Promise – GOING DEEPERA prayer promising God you’ll keep His Ten Commandments
  1. I Follow Jesus – NEXT STEP A prayer promising God you’ll keep the two commandments Jesus gave us.
  1. I’m Back EASY A prayer reconnecting with God after being away for a few hours, days, weeks, months.
  1.  I Have a Dream – EASY A prayer sharing hopes and dreams for the future with God or about what you want what you want to do when you grow up.
  1.  I Am A Peacemaker – NEXT STEP  A prayer based on the St. Francis of Assisi prayer about choosing peaceful actions when faced with a negative situation.
  1. Peace Begins With Me – GOING DEEPER – The second part of the St. Francis of Assisi prayer about wanting less for yourself and giving more to others.
  1. Reach Out – GOING DEEPER A prayer asking for help to share with another person what God has done for you.
  1. Spread the Message – GOING DEEPER A prayer asking God to help you tell another person about God’s love and Jesus’ teaching.