Books 1&2 – FREE COPIES – Prayers from the Heart



Prayers from the Heart is a NEW FREE method that shows parents and teachers how to help children grow closer to God by teaching them to pray from their hearts. These two books contain 41 biblically-based prayers

Book 1 contains 128 pages. Book 2 contains 138 pages. These non-denominational books contain all basic prayers children need to meet life’s challenges. The prayers are reusable over and over again in different situations through-out your child’s life.

We are a not-for-profit ministry. The Prayers from the Heart books are FREE. Nothing is charged for the creation, development, artwork or printing of these books.  Don’t pass this opportunity to make a lasting, long-life impact on your child’s walk with God. You will not find these kinds of materials anywhere else.

These non-denominational prayers for children are available in three formats:
          1. Paper copies
          2. Memory Stick/Flash Drive (works with any P.C. or Apple, Mac with a USB port 3.0)
          3. EBooks

*Publishing companies are not allowed to copy nor distribute the Prayers from the Heart books in any format. All our information is copyrighted.