Teaching Children to Pray

Does having your child/youth read or memorize a prayer, then repeat that same prayer over and over really bring out what is in your child’s mind and heart? Many parents and teachers are currently using four methods to teach children to pray. 1. Modeling by parent: This the best method, but it is no longer working […]

How Do Children View Prayer?

While reviewing prayer resources for parents, I ran across Syble MacBeth’s research. Back in 2009 she was so concerned; she interviewed 400 children about prayer. She found children in today’s world responded in one of these basic ways: “I’m tired of the same old prayers, I’ve said since preschool.” “I can’t wait until prayer time […]

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Success in Teaching Children to Pray

Here is a revolutionary NEW method for teaching your children to pray from their hearts. We are NOT talking about another collection of children’s prayers for your students to say and memorize. We are NOT talking about a new devotional. Prayers From the Heart provides thought-provoking questions to unlock your child’s thoughts and feelings before sharing them […]

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