Teacher's Resource: Praying the Word

This Teacher's Resource is a resource designed to assist teachers in using Prayers from the Heart Books 1 & 2, to teach children to create their own prayers. The Teacher's Resource contains 98 pages. The Teacher's Resource is in three hole punched form. Put in three ring binder. This makes it easy to remove the take home pages. Special: Order Book 1 & 2 and The Teacher's Resource. This will give you a discount on the price of the books and postage. Our pricing is based on the cost of printing and binding. Nothing is charged for the creation and development of this resource. We are a not for profit. Don't pass this opportunity to make a lasting, long-life impact on your student's walk with God. You will not find these kinds of materials anywhere else. Children's Directors can receive FREE copies of all three books if you go to the contact us page. We will need a request on church letterhead stationery.  But first contact us by phone or email for directions.  


Picture of Teacher's Resource: Praying the Word