Success in Teaching Children to Pray

Here is a revolutionary NEW method for teaching your children to pray from their hearts. We are NOT talking about another collection of children’s prayers for your students to say and memorize. We are NOT talking about a new devotional. Prayers From the Heart provides thought-provoking questions to unlock your child’s thoughts and feelings before sharing them […]

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Changing One Child at a Time

Dr. Cherlyn Sunflower, Children’s Prayer Ministry @2016 While youth know a lot about God and Jesus, our children do not have an ongoing, meaningful relationship with God. This needs to be changed. It is no wonder that 80% of the youth (raised in the church) leave the church permanently sometime during their middle or high […]

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Value of Current Prayer Resources

There are many books and curriculum in the market place meant to speak to children on Christian themes and values. Many of these are very good at communicating biblical stories, principles, and truths at the level that children can comprehend. These works have strong consistent message content. They are often clear, well organized, and written […]

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