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This Teacher’s Resource: Praying the Word is a resource designed to assist teachers in using Prayers from the Heart Books 1&2, to teach children to create their own prayers. It includes additional supports for teachers:

  • Besides the support for parents the next three supports include a “Getting Started for Teachers”“How to Use the Prayers for Teachers”, and  “Key Points” in each prayer in Prayers from the Heart.
  • The eighth support is a CD of the Bible Stories and Prayers that compliment each Bible story. (The eighth support is under development.)
  • The ninth support is a set of Take Home Pages. These Take Home Pages communicate with parents and help parents pray with their children at home. There is one Take Home page for each prayer.
  • The tenth support are Badges for each prayer taught in Prayers from the Heart. These badges can be used to motivate children after completion of a particular prayer time.
  • Another support for teachers is Wisdom Journals. You can duplicate as many of these prayer journals as you want. Children are encouraged to write in there prayer journals daily.
  • Yet another support is available for teachers is a 1 1/2 hour overview presentation and a 4-6 week workshop outline. This package gives a outline for each workshop. It describes each session in detail and provides handouts that accompany each session.
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