Why Do Our Youth Leave the Church?

Do you know that 80% of the youth (raised in the church) leave the church permanently sometime during their middle or high school years? This is not a new trend, but one that has been occurring for decades.

While youth know about God and Jesus, our children do not have an ongoing, meaningful relationship with God. This needs to be changed. We cannot continue to lose 80% or our Christian youth each year. It’s time to teach children how to pray.

There is a revolutionary NEW method for teaching children how to pray from their hearts. We are NOT talking about another collection of children’s prayers for your students to say and memorize. We are NOT talking about a new devotional. Prayers From the Heart provides thought-provoking questions to unlock your child’s thoughts all feelings before sharing them with God. We have to change one child at a time.

Prayers from the Heart contains 41 biblically-based prayer-times that can be used over and over again through out your children’s lives. These 2-4 minute interactive prayers provide parents and Sunday school teacher’s quick, easy-to-use tools to help children (ages 3-11) get in touch with their thoughts and feelings before being asked to share their uniquely personal prayers with God.

In addition, this method offers an easy way to teach children how to pray and also pass on parents’ religious beliefs & values. In fact, it will strengthen your whole family’s prayer life. These interactions are particularly important, since Christian researchers have shown that today’s families spend significantly less quality time together, than 30 years ago.

Prayers from the Heart is a NEW method to teach children how to pray. It was based on the results of six decades of research on accessing children’s thoughts and helping them express themselves. Begun twenty years ago, the prayer topics, interactive questions, and Bible Verses have been refined based on use with children/preteens and parents of Protestant, Evangelical, Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist and other Christian faiths.

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